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Tammam gowns are unique and impossible to replicate. Each is a one-off, created from the purest fabric by our team of skilled weavers, embellishers, designers and tailors. The couture process is lengthy and meticulous due to the dedication involved in ensuring each creation is an ecological piece of artwork; perfection.

The 2015/16 couture collections are designed to offer classical elegance with modern styling.

Favourites from past collections, shoots, shows, events and clients.

Ready-to-wear is so last season. Atelier Tammam is ready to hand craft your very own piece of wearable art; made to measure, made to fit your style and personality, made out of your choice of fabrics. Whether you're off to a do at Buck Pal or just want a wonderful coat to look dapper in while you do your gardening make sure you stand out in a unique design, with a wonderful story attached (never get stuck for something to say, your couture comes with information from where the fibre was grown to who stitched in the label).

A bespoke couture garment is the polar opposite of walking into a high street store, for a start you have the undivided attention of your vendeuse, or Ms Tammam herself, to guide you in your style and design decisions. If you are new to us we will take your measurements and create a perfect block just for you, which we will use to create every pattern for each new item we make, weather that be a single skirt or a whole wardrobe each season, your prefect block is our reference point to ensure each item is a perfect fit.

A toile is created of each design to check the fit and line, and ensure we have the correct proportions of the design to fit your shape.

All Tammam garments are hand tailored in our Bloomsbury studio, most garments will need between 2 and 6 fittings to ensure perfection. They are created in a way that means they can be adjusted if your figure changes (or you pass it on to another lucky lady) and use high quality materials which will last. We encourage repairs too, as inevitably your Tammam garment will start to show signs of use after so much love and wear. Tammam garments are made to last for many seasons, and live to become the vintage pieces for our children's children.

Book an appointment to view and try our current collection, or discuss having a unique design created for you.

If bespoke isn't for you we have a range of options like hiring one of our shop samples, which can be adjusted to fit you, or buying a shop sample which will be altered to fit you.

Our alterations and repairs services are available for Tammam garments as well as items from other labels - we just want your clothes to fit, book an appointment for a consultation. For vintage items see our in house specialist Nanna of Splendid Stitches who will work her magic on any items from the 1970s or earlier.

Each garment has it's own story to tell. Our unique supply chains mean we can trace where fibres come from (organic cotton from Maharashtra, Eri silk from Assam), which weavers and cooperatives have spun the yarn and made the cloth (we work with artisans in Kerala, Kolkata, Delhi, Jarkhand and various other states in India and Nepal to create exclusive luxurious fabrics for our collections), who has hand crafted every detail - hand block prints by Srinivas and his gang, hand embroidery by Ammu, Marina or Seema's team of ari artisans, knits and crochet by Meera). We have a huge stockpile of quality couture fabrics in our London atelier, just waiting to be made into an inimitable gown.

We love a bit of the past - Vintage, antique and reclaimed fabrics are also available from our private collection or can be sourced to fulfil a certain design. Couture fabrics from top British and European cloth houses, including French lace and British made tulle, are both in stock and available to order.

One of our specialisms is hand crafted laces, chose from our stock designs or have your very own bespoke lace made just for you.

Shipped to Bloomsbury (don't worry eco warriors, a tree is planted for every dress we create to offset carbon emissions) and safely stored in the Atelier these glorious fabrics are then transformed into unique Tammam designs by our "petit mains".

While all our glorious fabrics come from around the world, and much of the embellishments on our pieces is hand crafted by artisans in India and Nepal, the tailoring, using traditional couture techniques, is patiently performed in our very own studio in Bloomsbury. Ask Ms T or darling Kim nicely and you might be allowed "in the back" to take a peek while the magic happens.