Atelier Tammam Boutique is dedicated to ensuring all products are from truly sustainable brands and all pieces are made to last.

Anything stocked in the boutique must be;
- Independent
- Sustainable
- Cruelty free / animal friendly
- Fair trade / Made in UK
- Able to demonstrate a clear ethical brand policy

Boutique Ethos Image

The store has been renovated using the best eco friendly, hand crafted and vintage products.

- Paint from Earthborn
- Wallpaper illustration by K.Birdy
- Wallpaper printed by Murals
- Rails by Iron Mill and Hunter and Hyland
- Floors by Bamboo Flooring Company
- Lights by Plumen

Atelier Tammam Boutique offers a platform for designers to showcase and sell ready made stock via events, store and pop up shops (*we can not guarantee provenance during take over pop-up shops). We never order production for the store, and carefully curate products, as well as offer styling and fitting services – ensuring our customers are buying clothes they love and will keep wearing. Visit us for the ultimate slow fashion experience.