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Tammam gowns are unique and impossible to replicate. Each is a one-off, created from the purest fabric by our team of skilled weavers, embellishers, designers and tailors. The couture process is lengthy and meticulous due to the dedication involved in ensuring each creation is an ecological piece of artwork; perfection.

The 2016 bridal couture collection transforms traditional craftsmanship into structured, contemporary elegance.

Some of our fabulous brides. Book an appointment to be one yourself.

Go off-the-peg for champagne and frilly conversation. Come to Tammam for sculptured elegance; We are meticulous: Crafting a Tammam garment is a lengthly, creative process, but the dedication is worth it as each gown is a work of art made uniquely for you. Contact us at least 6 months before your wedding, our service is exclusive and we often get booked up many months in advance.

The story of Tammam bespoke couture, well the chapter titles at least.

Invitation. Scrapbook. Inspiration. Design. Redesign. Decisions. Design. Decision. Measurement. Deposit. Pattern Cutting. Fabric. Toile. Fitted. Create and Source Fabric. Dress Creation. Fitted. Embellished. Fitted. Finished. Fitted. Final Adjustments. Final Fitting. Perfection. Wear it.

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If bespoke isn't for you, consider our hire services instead. We have a range of options from having a dress made just for you, but you give it back instead of keeping it (50% of bespoke price), to hiring one of our shop samples which can be adjusted to fit you (from 10% of bespoke price plus alteration charges).

Some samples are also available to buy at a fraction of the price of a bespoke dress, they aren't always available and they go fast when they are.

Materials gallery coming soon.

By wearing Tammam you will understand true craftsmanship and you can be sure that only good has come of creating your design.

You should probably do it if you happen to have style, individuality, personality, creativity and a conscience.

Chose from Bespoke, sample sale and hire options and get the dress of your dreams.