A bespoke couture garment is the polar opposite of walking into a high street store, for a start you have the undivided attention of your vendeuse, or Ms. Tammam herself, to guide you in your style and design decisions. If you are new to us we will take your measurements and create a perfect block just for you, which we will use to create every pattern for each new item we make, weather a bridal gown, a single skirt or a whole wardrobe each season, your prefect block is our reference point to ensure each item is a perfect fit.

The bespoke process is an intense and wonderful experience. The quality and fit of the finished garment will be remarkable. A made to order couture garment takes time and patience to create.

For a truly unique sartorial experience we offer a bespoke lace service. Hand crafted laces are skillfully and delicately created to each customer’s design specification using British tulle and organic cotton or Eri peace silk yarn.

Couture Atelier Bespoke Dress