One Dress

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How much power does one dress have? The dress - a symbol of woman - oppression, femininity, frivolity. In reality one dress can mean a lot to a lot of people. The people who grow and gather the fibre, spin the yarn, weave the fabric, design the style, cut and stitch the finished dress. Then the embellishment, a beautifully embroidered dress can take months to finish - this can give purpose and employment as well as spread a message through the symbolism of its design. This is why a dress is an artwork, not just something to be worn once or twice then discarded for land-fill. Tammam dresses are heirlooms to be worn with love, treasured, fixed, altered, stored, displayed, kept forever.

With this project, One Dress will be used to affect many people; even more people than an average dress. One Dress is a textiles art piece which aims to reclaim traditional women's crafts such as embroidery, that have been devalued by mass production, and bring the creator and consumer back together. Tracking the story of the creation of the dress I hope to offer my audience the chance to be part of its production and provenance. One Dress will act as a blank sheet, words will be embroidered all over the dress by women in the UK and across the world. This will be a dress that is a voice for all women, and speaks to all women. In todays world, where misogyny is revered over experience, women working equivalent jobs to men aren't being paid until the new year, and glass ceilings still need to shatter in all aspects of society. Yet women are still people, difference should be seen in each individual, it is not due to gender.

One Dress

This project is just one dress. The Tammam label is about making dresses, initially A LOT of dresses, more than the world needs. Now Tammam dresses are made to order, bespoke gowns of high value and immense beauty - no waste, just what each customer wants.

One dress for many women; To make a dress that touches and affects the lives of women in Britain and around the world.
Clothes have a lot more value than the price tag attached to them, the story of a garment is incredible. This dress will tell the story of women. What does it mean to be a woman? What does it mean to be a "feminist"?

Suffragettes often used secret symbolism (wearing Green, White Violet to represent Give Women Votes).

One Dress embraces this idea, the carefully embroidered words from afar look like beautiful embellishment, little more that an intricate design on the dress, yet on closer inspection the words are offering a visual voice to the feminists (people who believe all people are equal) who have contributed to it.

The dress will be embroidered both in the UK and by women at established fair trade units (giving them training and fair pay).
Offering high value commissions such as this to these units ensures they are able to run and give sustainable employment and empowerment to women.

This dress will support the feminist cause, showcasing it at feminist events and using it as an inspiration and metaphor for the feminism. The dress will explore meanings, it will bring together the ideas and skills of people from across the world into one piece of art, to change or enhance peoples perceptions of feminism and equality.

Feminism is simply the belief that men and women should be treated as equal.

Feminism isn't about what you wear, it's about what you believe! Dresses are beautiful and contain the history of the people who make them and wear them.

Although of course everyone has their own interpretation. The words on this dress answer - “What is feminism”?

Five words were chosen to represent the basic ideology.

  • Equality
  • Respect
  • Emancipation
  • Solidarity
  • Sisterhood

During the project anyone can contribute a word or sentence to be embroidered onto the dress.

Women! Strong, incredible, wonderful women.

This dress will be worn by a range of inspirational women. From rule breakers, to mothers, to actresses, to writers.

Be part of history and chose a word for the dress. Pledge at the Crowdfunder here or contact me with your word/s at and payment details for bank transfer will be sent to you (cost is approximately £2 per letter).

One dress supports FiLiArt and the FiLia charity.

Everyone who chooses a word/s will be kept up to date on the progress and whereabouts of the dress.

As every word is embroidered it will be listed here, with the name of the person who pledged it (or the person it is dedicated to) and a signature of who embroidered it.

The One Dress Register