One Dress - a textiles art work offering a voice to women around the world, embroidered in the UK, India and Kenya by women, with words that define feminism and women's empowerment.

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Equality Respect
Equality Equality
Equality Equality

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Sewing words into dress
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Word Name Embroiderer
equality, respect, emancipation, solidarity, sisterhoodMs TDB
freedom, equalityDaisyDB
men are from earth women are from earth deal with itGeorge CarlinDB
loveSeraphina DavisDB
freedom, independence, strength, free thinking, unshackledDiana TammamLalitha / Kamakshi
confidence, sharing, courageDiana TammamKamakshi
failure Is ImpossibleLisa-Marie TaylorKamakshi
equalityKim SegelKamakshi
equalitySteve BestKamakshi
SisterhoodIlana LockwoodKamakshi
equalityFlores AndersonKamakshi
respectSusan MerrickKamakshi
solidarityNatalie And Molly GleesonKamakshi
sisterhoodRebecca RoseChandrakala
equalityAmy AbrahamsChandrakala
sisterhoodAbbie AlgarChandrakala
respectVeronika, Nick, NikChandrakala
diversity, empathyChandrakala / Vijaya
compassion, warmthElena GarciaVijaya
i am a feminist i have been a female for a long time now it would be stupid not to be on my own sideAlisa LockwoodKamakshi / Lalitha
equalityKatie Lister, Nova ReidVijaya
equalityAnn NkuneVjaya
emancipationSimon TammamVijaya
goddessJo HowardMonica
nurture, equalityKatie WeightmanMonica
independenceDaisy Bailes from her mother Anna-MarieMonica
opportunityLynn LinsellMonica
creativityKirsten SchaeferKamakshi
still I riseCecilia EdwardsRuth
emancipationLisa-Marie TaylorRuth
loveAnnette LawsonRuth
harmonyJen MarsdenRuth
truthLinda ThomasMonica
independenceDedicated to my daughters: Charlotte & Isabelle Paul - Andrea PaulMonica
you always have a choiceAnonymousLalitha
courageousVicki Cohen MarrKamakshi
hopeElena CassKamakshi
solidarityDonna TullyKamakshi
respectJane MunroKamakshi
if you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressorWillow Lockwood-ThomasAmmu
equalityNanna Sandom, katherine bruce,Monica
sisterhoodNatasha Kingston, Jemima HoadleyMonica
respectAlicia lai, Anna WellgateMonica
feminism is the radical notion that women are human beingsCheris KramaraeKamakshi
solidaritySusan M, Shally, Mandy Webb, JulietLalitha
equalityLihi S, Dora & Ella, Noorin KhamisaniLalitha
sisterhoodShally S, Zoi, AnonLalitha
respectMaggie, Mary, EveLalitha
emancipationDiana, KarinaLalitha
i am not free while any woman is unfreeFlora MarksAmmu
equality (in Kanada) ugutuguluAmmuAmmu
beautiful (in hindi) Acha heyKamakishiKamakshi
grace (in Tamil) KirubuyKailavaniKailavani
inclusionBrenda sheilKailavani
love (in Kanada) PreymaveyMonicamonica
compassionAileen Harrisonmonica
world (in kanada) doonyiaRuthRuth
welcome (in Kanada) suswagathaLalitaLalitha
still I riseNynke BrettLalitha
nolite te bastardes carborundorumSianBerryGreenAmmu
solidarity, sisterhoodMs TMonica
For Tabetha and SeraphinaLalitha / Kamakshi
love (anbu) TamilMinakshiMinakshi
happy (poongey) TamilMaletiMaleti
liberationMs TLalitha
respect, emancipation, equality, love, hopeMs TMonica
positivity (arabic)Sherif A LouisKailavani
inspirationSly Greanny teamMonica
anything may happen when womanhood has ceased to be a protected occupationVirginia WolfAmmu Kamakshi
loveFor the jacobs well team, with love and gratitudeMonica
peace (Assamese)LopaMonica
strongSamantha LaneDB
equalityIlya, Alison Jane Reid, Kate AriesDB
equalityNadia OliveroDB
patienceLucinda MartinDB
sisterhoodMiriam de Boer, Julie EllisDB
respectAnna WellgateDB
fearless staminaAlexandra and Amelia MosengDB
authenticityVeronika ReichenbergerDB
loveFleur AeriDB
emancipationNivritti DhruveDB
dignityBrenda SheiDB
hopeMaya, Orli, NeveDB
cherishKatherine MilesKatherine Miles
mothering through breastfeedingEmily TammamDB
harmonyGwen BellDB
there is no limit to what we as women can accomplishMichelle ObamaDB
compassionStefanie SchoenbergerStefanie

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“I vowed this year that I would make only One Dress that needs as much effort, (wo)man power and time to create as a whole collection” - Ms Tammam

Painting of Christabel Pankhurst Inspired by Christabel Pankhurst by Ethel Wright - Artwork available to view at the National Portrait Gallery

FEMINISM – is simply the belief that women and men should be given equal rights and opportunities. This project celebrates women and their incredible, often undervalued, skills.

SUSTAINABILITY – Every woman involved in One Dress is paid fairly for their time and skill, ensuring the principals of fair trade are adhered to. The fabrics used are from the Tammam sustainable supply chains and the violet yarn, representing the ”Voices” of women is vintage or reclaimed.

ART – The art of textiles has always been synonymous with women, often as a practical craft., and far from being purely aesthetic, One Dress is a symbolic, didactic, activist artwork that promotes women’s equality and freedom using couture as a medium to enchant viewers of the art created.

STORY– One Dress tells the story of every women who has contributed skills, words and materials to the dress. It tells the story of the people who support us and the world we live in today. A positive representation of women, telling women’s story in an iconic textiles artwork to be treasured for many generations.

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