Tammam designs are made possible by the incredible talents of a wide range of experienced artisans from across India and Nepal, as well as in our own studio in London. We have met all the artisans we work with and ensure they are treated and paid fairly for the exceptional work they create for both fashion pieces and art projects.

Artisans image

Our prints are created in a village in Andhra Pradesh in Southern India, using non environmentally damaging natural dyes and traditional hand printing. We have had our own wooden blocks carved so our pints are unique.

Aari is a craft dating back to the 12th Century, this ancient embroidery technique uses a frame and small hook needle to create intricate patterns. We work with master embroiderers with years of experience to create incredible embellishments. This is Samula working his magic.

Hand looms are used to create many of our fabrics, this incredible traditional craft utilises man-power over machines, offering sustainable employment while also saving the environment. The beautiful cloths created have stories woven into every inch, textiles that are unique and beautiful and truly an art in themselves.

Embellishments are integral to many Tammam designs, unique hand embroideries and delicate appliqué's take hours of dedicated and precision work. Often we work with co-operatives who train women and offer them opportunities to escape disadvantage, Ammu and Marina from Jacobs well are just a couple we have helped to train and offered work.

Couture techniques are at the heart of what we do. From the embellishments to the construction. Every couture house has it's own methods, we have developed our own techniques to encompass traditional craftsmanship and utilise the sustainable fabrics we have created.