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For over a decade we have been researching, sourcing, living amongst, developing and building relationships with the most talented and dedicated craftsmen to create exquisite and exclusive sustainable luxury fabrics for Tammam collections. From Assamese peace silks woven from open ended Eri cocoons to organic GOTS and FLO certified cottons, traditional hand looms to Nepalese banana yarn. Constantly working on new developments and trailblazing the use of new eco-tech fibres married with classical production methods.

Tammam products are 100% vegetarian and cruelty free. Apart from peace silk there are no animal derived products in any of our collections.

At the atelier we have a range of stock fabrics from our own developments using peace silk, hand loom and prints, to reclaimed European and British laces and vintage trims. We are also able to source fabrics for a particular look, taking care to use our fully monitored supply chain or, occasionally, working with high quality haute couture suppliers for specialist fabrics. If we can't find a fabric we need, we may be able to develop it for you.

We design and create hand made lace for both our collections and bespoke laces for individual customers - a popular service with brides looking for a personalised touch. One of our favourites is the lace we created for our bride Lucinda, based on the design of her grandmother's broach, which she wore with her bespoke gown at her wedding.

Embroidery is a time consuming process with some styles taking up to four months to embellish by hand. Our embroideries are created using exquisite fine yarns including peace silk to hand spun banana fibre. Working with individual artisans means we can spend time on development of design and production and create small one off orders, meaning a lace we create for our clients is completely unique. The nature of hand work means even the same design, when recreated, will have every craftspersons unique signature within it - and if that's not art, what is?

We don't kill moths, why would we? All our silk is cruelty free, mainly from Eri Silk moths who cleverly spin their cocoons with a hole at the end so they can escape and fly away. It's the closest a vegan can get to real silk, but if you're a die hard no-animal-product consumer then we have a lot of alternatives for you too.

Tammam designs are made possible by the incredible talents of a wide range of experienced artisans from across India and Nepal. We have met the artisans we work with and ensure they are treated and paid fairly for the exceptional work they create.

Our prints are created in a village in Andhra Pradesh in Southern India, using non environmentally damaging natural dyes and traditional hand printing. We have had our own wooden blocks carved so our pints are unique.
Aari is a craft dating back to the 12th Century, this ancient embroidery technique uses a frame and small hook needle to create intricate patterns. We work with master embroiderers with years of experience to create incredible embellishments. This is Samula working his magic.
Hand looms are used to create many of our fabrics, this incredible traditional craft utilises man-power over machines, offering sustainable employment while also saving the environment. The beautiful cloths created have stories woven into every inch, textiles that are unique and beautiful and truly an art in themselves.
Embellishments are integral to many Tammam designs, unique hand embroideries and delicate appliqué's take hours of dedicated and precision work. Often we work with co-operatives who train women and offer them opportunities to escape disadvantage, Ammu and Marina from Jacobs well are just a couple we have helped train and offered work.
Couture techniques are at the heart of what we do. From the embellishments to the construction. Every couture house has it's own methods, we have developed our own techniques to encompass traditional craftsmanship and utilise the sustainable fabrics we have created.

Tammam offers a consultancy service for independent designers looking to source and produce sustainable and ethical fashion collections. We are able to help designers find or create specific fabrics with artisans within the Tammam supply chain and beyond. With incredible and diverse knowledge of sustainable textiles and over 10 years experience sourcing for high end fashion collections our consultancy services save our clients significant time and money. With links to a range of producers from mass production to small scale CMT units we are able to recommend, project manage and quality control all manufacturing needs.

Consultancy in sustainable supply chains is also available to larger brands and corporations, with our specialism in luxury textiles.

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